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Property of AMC Refrigeration Services

Terms & Conditions      


AMC Refrigeration Services will advise customers of the day/date of the engineer's visit. AMC engineer will provide the customer with a text or email approximately 30 minutes before the estimated time of arrival on the day of the booked visit. AMC refrigeration Services has the right to re-arrange booked calls at short notice for situations out with company control i.e. adverse weather conditions or previous call running over. Confirmation of an appointment with AMC Refrigeration Services customers will be charged an attendance inspection fee dependant on the postal code supplied when booking in £s sterling only. Advance payment is not required to secure an appointment.


Appointment Cancellations


Customers are entitled to cancel or rearrange their appointment without incurring a charge but must give reasonable notice prior to engineers visit no later than 2 hours on the day of the arranged visitation and must be cancelled by contacting by phone, text or email. Appointments cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by fax. If our services are no longer required and engineer attends arranged appointment where customer cancellation notice has not been received, the attendance/labour charge accepted during the booking process will still be chargeable. 



All payments due must be made to the engineer at the time of an appointments completion using cash, bank transfer or credit/debit card*.

We do not offer any credit facility. Cheque payments can only be accepted with a valid cheque guarantee card. We reserve the right to refuse a cheque payment without guarantee card details. Any cheque payments received and returned unpaid must be paid by other means including any bank charges incurred. Invoices for contract clients will be standard net 30 day period and must be settled within this period. Any unpaid Invoices outwith term stipulated on the invoice will be pursued via debt recovery and any subsequent charges incurred added to the balance owed.*We do not charge a surcharge for making a debit or credit card payment. There is however a transaction processing charge on all card payments. This transaction processing fee set by our card payment provider is not a surcharge set by us. It is the processing transaction fee set by the credit/debit card processing company that we are charged to process the transaction. Card payment transactions processing fee applies as a % of the total bill which is set by the card processing company.


Attendance fees/Parts ordering

The attendance fee is dependant on site postal code. For domestic calls, attendance/inspection fee covers the cost of the engineer's inspection, diagnosis and labour for the first hour of attendance excluding vat at the standard rate. Attendance call out fees are covered for 28 days after initial visit, return visit required before the end of the 28 day period for the same fault no further attendance fee is charged unless a different fault diagnosed or 28 day period has elapsed. Commercial calls are charged at set call out fee dependant on area code plus labour and time onsite calculated within a set hourly rate. Works that will require extended labour will be advised prior to any works commencing and quoted for accordingly. Replacement parts required during engineers assessment/visitation will be charged accordingly and priced by the engineer during the visitation. On acceptance of parts cost and if available to engineer within van stock will be installed. All consumable parts used e.g. refrigerants, oils, service valves etc, are not returnable or refundable will be marked as NRC (non returnable consumables) any parts not available and require ordering will be fitted once obtained at parts and labour costs only on the return visit. Any special order parts required to be ordered that may take extended lead times will be advised of prior to confirmation of order and any extra charges (delivery/carriage) will be chargeable. All specified non-returnable items advised of at the time of order confirmation may require to be paid for in advance, cancellation of such special order parts after delivery is still chargeable and non-returnable. Charges for returning cancelled special order parts can incur a charge for handling/restocking and delivery charges set by suppliers and will be charged or deducted from any refund balance due. Appliances deemed BER (beyond economical repair) during an engineer's inspection and fault diagnosis attendance and/or call out emergency fees stipulated at the time of booking are still chargeable at applied attendance rate.





Quotes raised and submitted will be valid for a 30 day period. Please note that any quotes not accepted within this period and requested to be resubmitted will be recalculated, during this process price differences may occur as stock, supplier, services costs may change within original quotation period. For accepted quotes, prices will be honoured at the time of quotation being compiled. Quotation amendments (ie quantity, extra items or services) can and will be recalculated and resubmitted for acceptance only during the 30 day period starting from the original compilation date on the quotation. Quote, acceptance will be in way of electronic acceptance generated by our electronic system via our email system. Accepting a quote must be by an authorised person or persons. Signing and returning any quotation raised either by paper or electronically by AMC Refrigeration Services will be an acceptance that signatory is authorised to do so and has read, understood and accepted AMC Refrigeration Services full terms and conditions. Full payment for some of our services may be asked for and will be notified of prior to completion and will be raised as an invoice and will be fulfilled on clearance of funds. 


Warranty                                         PROPERTY OF AMC REFRIGERATION 

AMC Refrigeration Services provides a 12 months parts installation guarantee/warranty on all parts as standard except for consumable (NRC) (SOP) sundry parts used unless otherwise stipulated at the time of order. Refrigerants, oils, service valves, water filters, driers, electrical terminals etc, are not returnable or refundable. Some sales items e.g.Commercial appliances supplied from new can carry longer warranty periods of which are stipulated at the time of order. In the event that a replacement part fails within the guarantee period, we will supply and fit a further replacement part for no additional cost except for special order, consumable and sundry parts which are non-refundable/returnable. The repair warranty/guarantee does not, however, cover any breakdowns caused through customer misuse or error e.g. dirty obstructed condenser coils or power interruption (power outage or surges). The guarantee/warranty is invalidated if the part/appliance is moved to any other address other than the address of the original repair/install. Any subsequent damaged/ fault or alteration incurred during moving. An alteration by any other third party company also invalidates any warranty. The guarantee only applies to the repair work undertaken and does not apply to any unrelated, subsequent fault with the appliance. Compressor motors failing within guarantee period will be subject to manufacturer test and warranty claims will be based on this report, all appliances that are not properly maintained (ie condenser cleaning, high ambient temperatures, power surges) and are a cause of compressor failure will be charged accordingly and warranty void. Parts supplied and not installed by an AMC engineer are non-returnable unless part/s supplied are damaged when received, Warranty claims for this must be reported no later than seven days from receipt of parts. Failure to report within this period will void all warranty. Damage sustained due to improper fitting will also be void of all warranty. Received damaged in transit parts returned must be in original packaging. Any parts being returned and not in original packaging will automatically be void of any warranty. 



AMC Refrigeration Services will not provide compensation for any loss or spoiling of food substances due to faulty refrigeration. AMC Refrigeration Services terms and conditions are occasionally subject to change. We reserve the right to make these changes at any time and without notice.


Data Protection

Customer data such as address and contact details will be held by AMC Refrigeration Services for future records only. All customer financial details will not be held by AMC Refrigeration Services at any time. We will not share or divulge any personal customer/client data with any other third parties at any time. Consumer Cancellation Rights -'Notice of the right to cancel' we are obliged as a company to give you the right to cancel. This must be done in writing and posted to AMC Refrigeration Services 37 Donaldswood Park Paisley PA2 8RS. Cancellation duration is seven days starting from the day after the day of receipt. If you have agreed in writing that work will commence before the seven day cancellation period expires, and you subsequently cancel in accordance with your rights, you are advised that we will make reasonable charges to recoup for any losses for any services and materials used in carrying out any works during this period. You are asked to confirm in writing that work may commence before your cancellation period expires.


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